Monday, 22 May 2017

Nigel Farage treads the boards

I find the European Parliament a sinister, half-alive Kafkaesque body, eerily undemocratic, semicircular, consensual, feminised, like a committee of civil servants. Most repellent are the desks for everyone. No crowding into division lobbies in the small hours of the morning. Nothing beautiful or old. Nothing clubby. Even though he never sat in the House of Commons.

Its one saving grace, whatever you think of his political views, is Nigel Farage, who offers his colleagues master classes in how real parliaments conduct themselves. 

He is a cheeky chappy, a card. Like Alan Bennett's card, he is identified with the great cause of cheering us up as well as the great cause of Brexit.

Here is an enjoyable four-minute speech made three days ago by Nigel Farage in which he accuses Herr Juncker of behaving very rudely when Theresa May invited him to dinner and tells him Britain cannot be bullied in the way that Greece can and is. Herr Juncker, who ostentatiously shuffles papers in the best bureaucratic manner beside him.

The humour of all Mr. Farage's speeches lies in the silent disgust for him from the MEPs in the chamber. They are the perfect straight men to his comedy routine, especially Herr Juncker.

Buit it is only a comedy routine. Herr Juncker likes him really and even kissed Mr. Farage, which was a nice thing to do.


  1. The apologetics of political clownery. Nothing could be more decadent and disgusting.

  2. Humour is important in politics. Broad humour within the limits of decency. The huge danger is the huge numbers who want to limit what is permitted discourse. Some think even the desire to leave the EU is disgraceful. And bureaucracy and government by judges takes over from parliaments.

    1. Decadent is what the MEPs from the main "parties" are.

    2. I'm not confusing humor with clownery. Humor is good everywhere, including politics. Clownery is the derision of humor and has its place only in shows.
      Nigel Farage is a typical political clown, a political crook, a conman, an immoral deceiving master. In other times he would have been a kind of mussolini or hitler (although he has no charisma and is quite an idiot). Humor, irony, sarcasm or whatever else are irrelevant in the case of such a toxic character.
      (could't care less about brexit, by the way)