Sunday, 21 May 2017

Socialists are a bit like Muslims - mostly decent people, but they incubate extremism

The British Labour Party is a bit like Islam. Most adherents to both are good, moderate, in many cases patriotic people but the creed itself is the reason for the repeated, disastrous outbursts of extremism that mark its history. Tony Blair did an heroic job of trying to reform Labour. His failure suggests that it is unreformable.

As a Conservative who absolutely detests what Tony Blair did to my country, I cannot understand why Labour doesn't beg him to stand for Parliament and lead them again.

When he became leader of the Labour party, I was hopeful that he would help working class people, bind our country together, make Labour a sort of Liberal Party and reform the welfare state. Instead he made the country more disunited than ever, by enacting devolution to Scotland and Wales and vast unprecedented immigration.

I can never forgive this nor the loss of individual freedoms and loss of sovereignty to the EU. The last of those is being rectified. Immigration and devolution are irrevocable.

He also sold out to the IRA (but the Conservatives started and supported the process).

But these are not the reasons Labour supporters don't like him anymore. Their reason, essentially, is that they feel more much comfortable losing than winning.

They think he was an opportunist and a secret Tory. In fact, he was a progressive who moved the country a long way to the left. That is, if left is means the opposite of conservative.

He was also an idealist who wanted to change the world and unfortunately did. He believed in internationalism, bringing democracy to the Middle East and many other things.

Labour supporters do object to the unjust and catastrophic invasion of Iraq, though only a few in Labour objected at the time of the invasion. (I thought it an unjust war, in case you want to know.)

Idealists are very dangerous people. By contrast, Harold Wilson, who kept Britain out of the Vietnam War, and James Callaghan were opportunists.

Now the Labour party is being led by idealists of another hue, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, both Marxist-Leninists of some sort. If they win Dianne Abbot will be Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior). In an interview with a pro-IRA magazine in 1984 she said that Ireland 

“is our struggle — every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us. A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed.”
Odd how the extreme left forgot its distaste for nationalism and Catholicism when it came to IRA terrorists.

Anyone who wishes the Labour Party well, which I do not, wants the Tories to win by a landslide this time and the Liberal Democrats to remain in their box. As far as policies go Theresa May is the most left wing Prime Minister since … well, I suppose since Edward Heath.


  1. David in Moscow21 May 2017 at 17:16


    I agree with the title of your blog.

    In fact I think you can replace "Labour" with "All those on the left".

    The thing is that those on the left and muslins hold the worldview that their beliefs are the only true and just ones - the only one god is Allah, etc.

    When others either speak out against this worldview or worse, act contrary to it, those on the left and muslins are prone to lose their rag.

    After all the righteous have to stand up in support of their faith, don't they? Acting contrary to the principles of the one true faith is plain evil and cannot be tolerated, the evildoers must be attacked and punished, even unto death.

    Such certainty is very dangerous.

    1. I agree - and I had that self righteousness in the 1980s when I detested Mrs Thatcher. Socialists was in the original title and I have changed it back after reading what you said.

  2. David in Moscow21 May 2017 at 17:24

    "Harold Wilson, who kept Britain out of the Vietnam War, and James Callaghan were opportunists."

    Both still underrated I feel, considering the economic, social and political problems they had to deal with.

    I would have labelled them pragmatists rather than opportunists.

    Wilson deserves to be lauded for keeping Britain out of Vietnam. A pity Blair and Cameron couldn't have followed his example.

    1. I disliked both but I was a child brought up to regard the unions as enemy no 1. I hate the anti-discrimination laws that Wilson and Heath brought in but admire Wilson for keeping us out of Vietnam. it was a just war though, unlike the invasion of Iraq

  3. David in Moscow21 May 2017 at 17:35

    "Anyone who wishes the Labour Party well, which I do not,"

    The current Labour party deserves to be consigned to the dustbin of history for betraying its founders and the ordinary working people it was created to help.

    Let one rump survive as a home for the far Left. The other rump may wither as Mrs Mays Conservative party have taken the (left of)centre. Lets hope that one day we have a right of centre party to vote for ;).

  4. It depends what you mean by adherents. Very little patriotism from either group. Blair was and is a con man.

  5. I see little difference between Tory and Labour practices. People hate Blair because of Iraq. Your article is an insult to anyone left of centre.

    1. No, it's not - not that I mind insulting them.

    2. "I see little difference between Tory and Labour practices." Tories love winners and winning. Labour love losers.

  6. I'd say that that the relevantt piece of creed is revolt - never knew whether Left or Right or else ... make much difference

  7. Vast and unprecedented migration started by Blair? Wasn't it Tories who signed Maastricht? Wasn't it a Tory government that oversaw the largest migrations from the Indian subcontinent post war destroying Bradford, Leeds,Derby, Leicester? Wasn't it a Tory Government that intervened in Libya helping to create the vacumn through which sub Saharan migrants could flow?