Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Two Remainers and a Leaver on Juncker


Dan Hodges (Remain)

Juncker slams May. Remainers gloat "that's shown her!". May hits back. Remainers scream "how dare she!?!" And people wonder why Remain lost.

Robbie Travers (Remain)

The behaviour of the remainder of the Remain camp in relation to the Juncker/May spat is fascinating, but disappointing. When Juncker, a vicious, incompetent Eurocrat with a nasty habit of disregarding actual elected mandates, called May deluded, adding that Brexit cannot be allowed to be a success, so many Remain voters noted that our country deserved to be treated so harshly and our Prime Minister belittled by unprofessional leaks. When Theresa May, quite rationally, decides to retaliate stating she'll be a "a bloody difficult woman" in standing up for the UK, whilst also noting Britain won't engage in an unbecoming briefing war, May is deluded and nasty.

The Remain campaign seemed determined that Brexit and our country fail so that they can gloat, at the cost of our countries economic stability. I voted Remain, but this attitude of gleefully undermining and sabotaging our national future must stop
Brendan O'Neill (Leave)
What's amazing is that Juncker, Merkel and other Euro cronies are now doing in British politics the very thing they accused Putin of doing in the American election: intervening in underhand, duplicitous ways to try to shift the outcome of the General Election; to try to weaken May and boost the fortunes of the so-called Soft Brexiteers. And the same media outlets that burst their blood vessels over Putin's alleged meddling in the US are positively lapping it up, cheering these external leakers and whisperers as they seek to sway our political culture. The hypocrisy is staggering. Mere rumours of Putin's meddling in Western politics drove the chattering class insane; the reality of EU meddling in British politics has them hopping with joy.

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