Tuesday, 2 May 2017

"We are strictly impartial in this exciting Syrian conflict"


I agree with Jeremy Corbyn that we must not intervene in Syria. If he won't use the H-Bomb and doesn't see any point in Great Britain belonging to Nato he's right about those things too.

On the plane I read this 2 week old article by Rod Liddle that is so good you must read it. He makes the common sense observation that the American missile attack to punish Syria for killing innocent children itself killed innocent children and asks why killing civilians with chemical weapons is worse than blowing them up.

In fact it is about exploding not just bombs but the silly Democrat canard that Trump is a Russian agent and showing the world, including Russia, China and North Korea, that Trump is not Obama. This, oddly, is the way to make the Left decide that Trump is not so scary as they had thought, when they feared he wanted peace with Russia and Syria.

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