Saturday, 22 July 2017

"Embrace the discomfort of transformation"

In a depressing article today entitled 'Diversity and Disintegration', the always interesting Mark Steyn makes a good point.
In a developed world where the low-skilled service jobs are automating, there is no economic rationale for mass immigration. That leaves only the cultural consequences.
The article talks, with his usual grim irony, about three very different news items connected to migrants in three countries and how the press deals with them: a dangerous African disease that has spread to Spain, a woman who was shot dead by a Somali-American policeman in the USA and rapes committed by African migrants in Germany.

I suppose it's the sort of article that people who are annoyed by Mark Steyn will find particularly annoying. It's worth reading, all the same.


  1. Grim and grimmer.

  2. "I know nothing about public health, but feel fine about blaming immigrants for a new disease based on no evidence whatsoever!" -- M. Steyn

    1. I think, like Michael Gove, that we are all tired of experts.

    2. I think we are a little more tired of glib pundits who consistently call it wrong, then try to rewrite their own histories. Mr Gove fits neatly there too.

  3. We are all tired of experts. Some of us are also tired of dark, tenuous accusations on the internet that seem to be products of fantasy. There are plenty of reasons to find mass immigration objectionable, no reason to conjure up another (fake) one.
    Brexit really has been a mess, the people who pushed for it had no realistic, responsible plan to pull it off. We are seeing that now.