Monday, 31 July 2017

Growing older means being exiled

As one grows older all of us live in a foreign country. Living in a real foreign country makes that much easier. 

We all feel as if we don't belong where we live because this is the human condition, but who wants to belong anyway?

Though in fact, at some level, we all want to belong. That is also the human condition. Except for the mad. They don't care.


  1. Once you have integrated another culture into your life (intentionally or not), it’s a part of you. I miss who I was….who I am…when I lived in the other countries.

  2. Hmm; indeed it's not only geographic coordinates, or cultural impediments to belonging; all places I lived in have somewhat slipped away from what I feel I would gladly belong to, although Romania is actually getting closer not farther. My ideals are farther and farther from the reality of the world around me, and I find no possibility of reconciliation with the direction the world is going to. I share your feelings.