Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Odi et amo: hatred and love for the 1970s


Today a friend on Facebook posted one of the original pop videos of the unlovable, but annoyingly catchy, “Paloma Blanca” song. Play it for a few seconds and you will recognise it but be warned that it may stay in your head for several days.

How could anyone who grew up in the 1970s not hate modernity, you might ask. But most adolescents (in every era a very conformist cohort) thoroughly embraced the spirit of the age. I looked on aghast.

I suppose I was the Jacob Rees-Mogg de nos jours.

I clearly remember thinking, while walking to school in my last year at primary school, that there would never come a time when the 1970s seemed quaint or attractive and until recently that still seemed true. But now an era when vicars were men, there were twenty-odd women MPs and the House of Lords was filled with hereditary peers begins to seem like a period drama.

The 1980s were very much better in most ways, but they saw the country move further left in every aspect of life except economics.


  1. I grew up in the '70's. I think after V2 my folks kinda just said WTF about the Faith and the Church. I missed out on my confirmation. (Remedied ~ 4 years ago). I'm continually amazed at what my parents allowed me to be exposed to in the media. I watched anything I wanted on TV. There was a infomercial selling DVD's of "Laugh In" TV show yesterday. I was 8-11 years old when that was on and my folks watched it with my sister and I every week.

    That culture was corrosive, IMO.

    1. That culture was corrosive, IMO.

      Corrosive is a good word. Our civilisation has been gradually eaten away, from the inside. It actually started long before the 70s but it accelerated during that decade. The enemies of civilisation were rapidly gaining in confidence, and becoming more overt in their attacks.

      The redeeming feature of the 70s was that society had not yet become totally conformist. It was still possible to express dissent. Political correctness had not yet started to exert its totalitarian influence. 70s movies and TV shows are often breathtakingly politically incorrect.

      The mind-numbing conformism started to become evident in the 80s.

  2. The 1970s were tacky and even sordid but had a raffish, low-tech, freewheeling charm.

  3. i agree 1980s were very much better in most ways