Sunday, 2 July 2017

The present is a foreign country

When I go to the Daily Telegraph website, without wanting to, I keep getting a podcast start playing in which a fat woman from the Telegraph interviews Prince Harry and begins by saying 
'Can I call you Harry - or Hezza?' 
I realised when I heard it the first time that the present is becoming a foreign country.

Or rather present day England is.

Romania is changing fast, for the better and worse, but Romanians still have a sense of decorum.

They also still think like normal human beings. They have not been brainwashed, yet, by the orthodoxies of the European Union. They mostly believe in God and invariably love their country. They take pride in their history, especially their medieval history. 

In truth, the middle ages didn't come to an end here till the nineteenth century. 

They consider European civilisation far superior to anything else on offer and want more of it in Romania, but without political correctness. 

Romanians are good eggs.


  1. The title of your post reminded me of this very moving requiem for England. One of the most powerful videos I've ever seen and immensely sad.

  2. The video is a straightforward piece of far right propaganda

    1. I'll play it when I have time.

    2. If something intends to promote a particular point of view then obviously it is propaganda. The label "far right", just means anyone who wants to live a quiet, peaceful, normal, healthy life. It is no longer possible to want these things and not expect to have a "far right" world view. Not if you are rational or logical. This is because the costs of the mid 20th century cultural revolutions have mounted to such an extent that they now affect every level of existence from private life to the global level, negatively impacting everything which makes life worth living. With the internet for the first time in history Western Man has unlimited information available at his fingertips. What took 25 years for him to work out before the internet now takes him 5 hours or a few days. If you have internet access, an open mind and a desire to seek out objective truth, you will inevitably arrive at a “far right” world view.