Monday, 14 August 2017

The Scilly Isles are heaven and it is always 1952

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The Scilly Isles, even more than the rest of Cornwall, is an Enid Blyton book come to life. The couple I chatted to on the boat had bought the whole Famous Five series for their daughter. (Aren't there at least thirty books?) They told me St Michael's Mount is the original of Smugglers' Island. Another young father was reliving his childhood holidays with his children.

It's 1952 England here with Mr Churchill back and the socialists out. It feels virginal. I am tucking once more into a Cornish cream tea, i.e. scones, jam and cream, though I forbore to ask for lashings of ginger pop.

The Star Castle Hotel where I am staying is wonderful. A Jacobean castle and pure Enid Blyton.

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There are a very small number of immigrants, who are white and East European. In a Blyton story foreign accents usually signalled smugglers or gunrunners, but times have changed and now they mean agreeable waitresses.

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