Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Boris Johnson: Romanians are “extremely valuable members of our society”.


Boris Johnson made a whistlestop visit to Bucharest yesterday and assured Romanians that their compatriots in Britain “should not be worried” about their situation after Brexit because they are “extremely valuable members of our society”. 
When asked about how worried Romanians living in the UK should be after Brexit he said:

“I don’t think they should be worried at all. They shouldn’t worry because they are extremely valuable members of our society. We love them. They make an enormous contribution to the economy of the United Kingdom, to the British culture.” 
“I was the mayor of London. When you walk through London, you see many Romanian stores, Romanians working in all areas. We think there are a half of million Romanians in the United Kingdom. We would be crazy to let them go back to Romania. We want to keep them, we want to make sure they feel safe and their rights are protected.” 

Back in 2013, when people feared that 70,000 Romanians might enter the U.K. Boris argued for limits on the numbers. He said 

"We think there could be 500,000 Romanians in the UK".
Can this be true?

Most Romanians are model immigrants. Rod Little is very unpopular in Romania for pointing out the high Romanian crime rate in England and Wales but this is the work of a very small minority. Romanians are pretty unanimous in saying the crimes are mostly committed by Romanian citizens from one ethnic group. 

Romanian men are men and the women women. They are (mostly) Christian conservatives, who resemble the English in the 1950s more than the English of today do. I hope they don't get corrupted in my country and value their contribution, even though it  is doubtful whether unskilled immigrants benefit the economies of either the country they leave or enter.

Half a million is a lot. A permanent large new ethnic minority. England is becoming an ethnic patchwork, like the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires. Has become one.

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  1. "Can this be true?"
    Of course it isn't, but just another lie of this repugnant clown Boris.
    The number of stable UK dwelling Romanians as for end 2016 was about 250000 (200000 National Insurance Numbers).
    Clown Boris just needed a higher figure of UK-Romanians for giving more weight to his hollow rethoric and ridiculous "mission" to East Europe.
    As for his recent arse-licking of Romanians, after being one of the pillars in the infamous mudslinging anti-Romanian campaign, this is just another disgusting role playing of this undignified person.