Friday, 29 September 2017

For Israel victory for Assad in Syria is very bad news

It is in Israel's interests for the war in Syria to continue indefinitely and Syria to be a failed state. ISIS and Al Qaeda do not worry Israel nearly as much as ISIS's enemy, Iran. But, thanks to Russia, as I predicted from the moment Russia sent help to him, Assad has largely won. Most journalists said this would not happen but most journalists have been wrong about Syria all along.

And this, for all the unspeakable horrors perpetrate by a regime that almost no Syrians like, is the best hope for peace Syria has.

It's very understandable for Israel  to fear Iran, though they greatly exaggerate the danger, but for Europe and America Iran is effectively an ally ag
ainst Sunni extremism. Israel's unofficial allies, the Saudis, are in fact a greater threat to Europe.

Israel expected US help in Syria and has been very disappointed. America became Israel's close ally in the time of Lyndon Johnson when he feared the USSR capturing the region and its oil. Russia is no longer a threat to the interest of the West in the Gulf, unlike the USSR. Russia, allied to Iran, is however seen by Israel as dangerous and, for all Donald Trump's intense love of Israel, America now seems a much less certain ally than under George W. Bush. Israel's interests and that of the NATO countries are less closely aligned than during the Cold War.

Jonathan Spyer writes an interesting article about how Israel is taking steps to defend her interests against Iran. The title

Israel Is Going to War in Syria to Fight Iran 
Israeli officials aren't shying from confronting Tehran's forces — since no one else will.

is not written by him and is an exaggeration of his points.

This is the background to the fight in Washington D.C. for the President's ear when it comes to foreign policy.

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  1. Philip Giraldi writes that Jews wield disproportionate power in America and is immediately fired by the American Conservative because Jews wield disproportionate power in America.