Wednesday, 27 September 2017

More thoughts on Boris Johnson

The ending of Arnold Bennett's The Card always comes to mind when I think of Boris Johnson. 
"What great cause is he identified with?"  
"He's identified with the great cause of cheering us all up."
He also reminds me of Bagehot's description of the Cavalier mind. 
"The essence of Toryism is enjoyment. Talk of the ways of spreading a
wholesome conservatism throughout this country! Give painful lectures, distribute weary tracts (and perhaps this is as well,—you may be able to give an argumentative answer to a few objections, you may diffuse a distinct notion of the dignified dullness of politics); but as far as communicating and establishing your creed are concerned, try a little pleasure. The way to keep up old customs is to enjoy old customs; the way to be satisfied with the present state of things is to enjoy that state of things. Over the “Cavalier” mind this world passes with a thrill of delight; there is an exaltation in a daily event, zest in the “regular thing,” joy at an old feast."
He is terribly clever. I rarely say that about people. But his foreign policy resembles Hillary's and he would be a terrible Prime Minister, though not, of course, as bad as the present incumbent. He's the right man to sell Brexit and to stiffen Mrs. May into not selling out Brexit (he is by no means instinctively for a Hard Brexit, but he wants to make sure Brexit happens). He humiliated himself and his country when he cancelled his trip to Moscow after the USA bombed Syria. His enthusiasm for intervention in Syria is unspeakably stupid. 


  1. The right man to sell Brexit? Richard North would not agree with you there:

    "This the man whose tawdry, incoherent views of Brexit are now applauded by the new editor of The Sunday Telegraph, Allister Heath who lacks the personal judgement to see Johnson for what he is and describes his work as "brilliant".

    This more than adequately illustrates the decadence of a once-great newspaper that it should champion a psychopathic liar and see nothing wrong is so doing, alongside a Prime Minister who has debased one of the great offices of state by appointing this disgusting man to it.

    There are no members of the so-called establishment who support or even tolerate the continued employment of this man as a Cabinet Minister who can claim to be of sound judgement, lacking as they do any moral base. And the idea that this man could become the prime minister of this country is something no balanced, ethical person could possibly countenance.

    But the fact that he is in office and applauded by so many says a great deal about this tarnished little nation of ours. It is said that we deserve the governments we get but, bluntly, anyone who supports this vile creature deserves only the contempt of any right-thinking person.

    Certainly, no nation which has as its Foreign Minister this psychopath can expect the respect or support of other nations. To have him representing our country is not only an insult to us, but to all the nations that have to deal with him. They deserve better – we deserve better.

    Getting rid of him cannot come too soon and every day he stays in office is a stain on the reputation of the United Kingdom."

  2. Carpet chewing stuff. North argued for leaving the EEC/EC/EU for many years and now thinks a hard Brexit would be catastrophic. Mr Heath is the editor now? He is a very good writer indeed.

    1. No, he (and Booker) have always argued that a "hard Brexit" would be catastrophic. Anyone who thinks it won't be catastrophic is ignorant and not living in reality. North put together a plan for extracting us out of the EU (Flexcit) which would have been economically neutral and which would have had the potential to undermine the EU project through EFTA. Britain would have a provided a leading example for other countries to follow. Thanks to cretins like Johnson and Davis, Brexit is certain to be an economic train wreck. This will have the effect of silencing anti-EU sentiment on the continent and may even have Britain returning cap in hand begging to be let back in. The Tory ultras will wind up being God's greatest gift to the EU.