Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Muslim rebels in Rohingya are few and have a jihadi link


Please read this article from Asia Times, a serious source of intelligent analysis, by Bertil Lintner, a respected Swedish journalist who has been writing about Burma for nearly four decades. Mr. Lintner explains how the Muslim 'Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army', which may only number 500 men, deliberately stages attacks intended to incite bloody reprisals from the Burmese army.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army uses local villagers when it attacks the army to give the impression of large numbers. Terrible reprisals are then visited on local people, whom it hopes will thereby become radicalised.

'While ARSA’s military capacities are limited, its propaganda machine is wide-reaching, with statements issued on Twitter and other social media platforms in surprisingly fluent English and in a language that aims to make the insurgent group appear moderate and reasonable.

'In one of its first announcements on September 9, ARSA declared a month-long unilateral ceasefire to enable aid groups to reach Rohingya refugees and avert a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Aid groups have estimated over 400,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since ARSA’s August 25 attacks and the military’s brutal counteractions.

'It was a bold declaration for a lightly armed group that is by no means a proper organized army. Many of the group’s attacks have been launched with machetes. At the same time, ARSA has failed to explain how attacks by their few and poorly equipped cadres facing the might of the Myanmar army could be seen as acts taken to ”protect the Rohingya.”

'If reports from the area received by Asia Times are accurate, local people are furious with ARSA for giving the Myanmar military an excuse to “ethnically cleanse” the area of Rohingya and other minority groups.'

The rebels claim to be and appear to be secular, but Bertil Lintner finds some connections between them and Islamists in Pakistan.

It reminds me of the Communist resistance in USSR and Yugoslavia in the Second World War who had a similar indifference to reprisals. 

A small gang of rebels or terrorists can use their enemy's strength against him as Al Qaeda did. September 11 was not remotely as disastrous to America as America's foolish response. There's an Easter Rising parallel too.

Whatever the exact truth, what is clear is how very badly served we are by the international press, as we were about East Aleppo and many other things, even the body of the poor, drowned Syrian boy, whose mysteriously photogenic picture helped persuade Europe to take in a million refugees. He turned out to have been sent to sea in an unseaworthy vessel by his father, who was in fact living safely in the pleasant Turkish seaside resort of Bodrum.

Please double check all you read about international news and still disbelieve it.


  1. Part of the reason the fake media are again siding with the Muslim aggressors is that the Burmese Government is helping to dispel another piece of conventional wisdom. Western establishments repeatedly tell us that their deliberate flooding of Europe with millions of Muslims is “irreversible” Well, poverty stricken Burma is doing just fine with their clearance operations. Territories can change their population composition very fast. It's happened countless times in history and it will happen again. Palestine was around 90% non-Jewish until relatively recently. The way they did it is the way we’ll do in Europe.

  2. Toma21 September 2017 at 02:12
    Take a look at this, from Mr Goldman shop:

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