Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Trump argues for healthy national egoism


"Trump's UN 'hate speech' criticised"
The BBC headline shows their disapproval, but I think it was a good speech (though I have some big caveats), praising 'independent sovereign nations'. No wonder the BBC hated it.

I liked these words
"In America we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone."
He praised nation states. He probably doesn't know the phrase 'healthy national egoism', but this is what he believes in and think makes for peace. The liberal wars of recent years certainly didn't.

Wonderfully, he talked of the great harm mass migrations do to the countries the migrants leave and enter.

A good speech except for his words on the Iran deal and on Afghanistan. He had given the clear impression during the election campaign that the US should leave Afghanistan and now wants his allies to send in more troops on this pointless waste of blood and treasure. My fear is that Donald Trump will be turned by the defence establishment. Even by the neo-cons like Paul Wolfowitz.

Neo-con journalist Eli Lake of Bloomberg, worryingly, loved it: 
“… for Venezuela [Donald Trump] came very close to calling for regime change. ‘The United States has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable,’ Trump said. ‘We are prepared to take further action if the government of Venezuela persists on its path to impose authoritarian rule on the Venezuelan people.'

There are a lot of signs that Mr Trump is morphing into an unconventional but essentially mainstream Republican. Axios’ Mike Allen wrote in his Tuesday AM newsletter.
Trump’s decision to raise troop levels in Afghanistan is testament to the power of a unified, controlled info flow to Trump. National Security Adviser McMaster, SecDef Mattis, CIA Director Pompeo, SecState Tillerson, et al. were all on the same page and they kept showing Trump — with highly detailed and planned presentations — why it’d be a disaster if he presided over a troop drawdown like Obama in Iraq.
On illegal immigrants and climate change similar u-turns are taking place.

One u-turn Trump should make is to leave the Iran nuclear deal in place. It was probably a great achievement by Obama. So says Sir Peter Westmacott, who was British Ambassador to the United States from 2012 to 2016, in this article.

Trump blames Iran for the Yemen war - I thought the Saudis were much more to blame.

Iranian forces in Syria for decades to come is a prospect that scares Israel mightily - understandably - but need not scare the US, the UK or the EU. Sunni extremism is the danger to us. 

I agree with these words of Peter Beinart, an Israeli-American commentator who writes for the Labour left-of-centre Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“In 2017, the greatest Middle Eastern threat to the United States is Sunni jihadism. And in that struggle, Iran — for all its misdeeds — is on America’s side.” 

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  1. I think the World has just about concluded that when Trump opens his mouth, he is primarily addressing the flat-earthers who allowed him to get his Oval Office tee shirt. He says the first thing that comes into his mind, changes his position depending on the reaction and lies blatantly at all times. Fortunately, a new set of military minders have been appointed to prevent him indulging his worst narcissistic tendencies. No rational person would pay him any attention.