Sunday, 10 September 2017

'Why do we still assign gender to children at birth?'

John Lewis, the British department store, has announced it will remove “boys’" and “girls” labels on children’s clothing. The Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, has banned skirts for new students as part of its gender neutral clothing policy. A writer in the left-of centre newspaper the Independent suggests here that England should consider not registering babies as boys and girls.

I have no comment to make, except that 
men and women were created to complement one another, which is why men are so utterly different from women.


  1. The phrase "assigning gender to children at birth" must be the most idiotic sentence in existence. Typical of the Left to have come up with it.

    You don't arbitrarily "assign" gender to people at birth more than you arbitrarily "assign" driver CDs to their corresponding hardware.

    NVidia drivers usually ship with NVidia hardware, and ATI drivers usually ship with ATI hardware. Any other combination is a faulty package.

    "Gender" is nothing more than the software needed to run the sexual hardware. It's a word that shouldn't even exist, because it's obvious that having a piece of hardware implies you expect that there exist drivers for it.

    ~ A Transylvanian Romanian.

  2. Honestly, I feel the differences between the sexes are greatly exaggerated and the stereotypes perpetuated. No one ever highlights the commonalities though, only the divisions. The degree of difference between two members of the same sex is often very much greater than comparing the overall differences between the two respective sexes. The gender war is its own lucrative industry though.