Monday, 2 October 2017

At least fifty murdered at Las Vegas

The local sheriff, holding back tears, announced that at least 50 were dead and 200 were injured in the Las Vegas shooting.

People are dead and dying yet what the world wants to know is was the killer a Muslim. Either way, this horror can be used for political purposes (gun control, immigration control, fear of Islam, fear of Islamophobia).

It's interesting that when things like this happen, as they do all too often these days, one turns to Breitbart as the only trustworthy source. Certainly not to the BBC or CNN. As Douglas Murray put it, when it comes to Muslim terrorism the media seem to see their role as negotiating between the public and the truth.

Breitbart came up with the news promptly :

"Sheriff Joe Lombardo says that the gunman is local and that the police do not believe it is an act of terror."
The sheriff said he did not know what belief system the dead killer subscribed to. And who can explain what beliefs lead someone to murder fifty people?

Why do people worry about whether killings are 'terrorism' or not? Does it matter? Presumably terrorist killings are ones intended to inspire terror in the medium and long term, for broadly political or strategic reasons.

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