Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Blogging Boris talking to Conservative Conference live


Boris is talking live.

"Jeremy Corbyn still admires Bolivarian revolutionary socialism. I say he's caracas." (Groan.) 

Boris speaks admiringly of Romania's flat tax - which is a definitely conservative idea - and points out that Tories were opponents of USSR. (So were Labour, so not a fair point.)

Boris is very amusing speaker but praises Britain's role in Libya, a country Cameron and Hague helped to destroy.

Dan Hodges says:  

This speech isn't a leadership charge. It's a very skilful retreat.

That sounds right, but a leadership challenge could only fail.  The conference is a beauty contest to see whom the members would like as the next leader. Boris expressed complete loyalty to Mrs. May and made the audience laugh - so he did well.

Mrs. May had read the speech first.

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