Sunday, 1 October 2017

Good gossip about Theresa May

Some good gossip about Theresa May in a book serialised in the Sunday Times. She annoyed 'courtiers' by making the Queen postpone her visit to Ascot and by telling the Queen she had a deal with the DUP 17 days before she sealed one.
It reveals that the prime minister repeatedly broke down in tears after surrendering the Conservative majority and went into a spiral after she faced widespread criticism for failing to meet victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

She had to have her make-up redone before she visited the Queen because she had been crying. Aides grew concerned that she might not be able to go on. “She looked tired and I don’t think she was thinking straight,” one said.

By the Friday of the week after the election, a senior political appointee decided help was needed, saying: “She was absolutely beaten, grey-skinned. I’ve seen people with shell shock and she looked worse than that.”

The official suggested to Gavin Barwell, May’s new chief of staff, that he get a member of the SAS to speak to May about “resilience”.

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