Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Gun control is irrelevant to the Las Vegas massacre

It is unintelligent to accuse people of not being intelligent because you disagree with them, but the people talking about the need for gun controls in the USA following the Las Vegas massacre are uninformed. The machine gun used by the killer was subject to gun controls and he had all the documents needed. Las Vegas is irrelevant to the case for gun controls.

He had many guns and in Nevada he only needed a license for automatic weapons, but he was rich and respectable and would have had no trouble getting licences.

The killing is being used by Democrats for political points about gun control because that's the kind of thing politicians do, which is fine.

The Las Vegas massacre is comparable to the Germanwings pilot who deliberately crashed his plane a couple of years ago but there were some lessons to be learnt from that horror. I wonder if there are any to be learnt from Las Vegas.

Lessons will be drawn by conservatives if he turns out to have been left-wing or a Muslim convert and angry with Republican voting country music fans, you can be sure. 

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