Thursday, 5 October 2017

Theresa May is jinxed, but her speech was not so bad


What a year this is for politics: Spain, Great Britain, France, Korea, USA. Like last year was. Politics which was so boring before Margaret Thatcher and again in the 1990s is interesting now. The Chinese proverb about interesting times is a fake, by the way.

Napoleon did not ask of a general 'Is he lucky?" Cardinal Mazarin said it or rather asked something fairly similar. But Theresa May certainly isn't. Some politicians are and it's very important.

'I know what kind of woman Theresa May is. Her worst nightmare is losing control' says Judith Woods in the Daily Telegraph. Yes and that is one of her very many Plutarchian

similarities with Gordon Brown. The great difference is that his premiership went off the rails after he chickened out of a much touted snap election.

Thinking this morning I see that Mrs May's speech wasn't that bad, in its own terms. She is always a boring speaker and can't help that but she delivered it well by her standards, until she started coughing. The big problem is that it resembled one by Ed Miliband.

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